Free Tennis

tennisGetting children involved in activities doesn’t always have to cost.  Came across this in one of the parent groups I’m part of on Facebook.


How Many Words!

I read the best thing today about what words children need to know before kindergarten.  I don’t want to copy someone else’s writing without their permission so here’s the link. 25 Words Children Should Know Before Kindergarten

Before you go I want to make a #momconfession.  Before my daughter’s 2 year checkup I googled how many words should a child know by two.  Mini me took her time using her words.  She didn’t speak much between 1 and 2 unless she had something to say.  She also used sign language as she had taken ASL classes from 11 months.  I wanted to prepare myself for a speech delay.  I was nervous when I saw that children should know around 100 words (according to a google search).  I took it upon myself to write down every word I had ever heard my child utter.  I would stop what I was doing to add to the list.  It was so bad I would wake up at night sometimes to add to the list.  I relaxed a bit when the list hit around 110.  I probably stopped adding to it around 130.  We then had her 24 month check up and her doctor asked, “Do you think she knows 20 words?”  I laughed out loud.  I laughed at myself for being that mom.

Nowadays?  Now she speaks from the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to bed.  Sometimes she talks in her sleep.  She knows more words than I can keep up with and gets frustrated when I don’t understand her.  The other night she huffed and puffed, put her hand on her hip and said, “mommy you not hearing and understanding me.”  She was right.  She was having a minor meltdown because she didn’t have Kwazii from The Octonauts to have a sleepover with Captain Barnacles, Peso and Shellington.  I ordered him this morning.

Boo At The Zoo

We are HUGE fans of the Bronx Zoo.  We have had a family membership since mini me was 6 months old.  One of our favorite times of the year at the zoo is now.  We have been to Boo at the Zoo three times this year and were planning to go for Halloween.  Unfortunately this mama got called to work the day so we will be skipping but if you haven’t already been I suggest you check it out before it is gone!

boo at the zoobronx zooboo-zoo-lizardsbaby gorilla

Not a Morning Person


My child is definitely not a morning person.  I’m blessed to work from home so most mornings she is able to sleep and wake by her natural clock.  On those once in a while mornings when I need to go some place before noon she is not a happy camper.  Today we have to take my mom to a doctor’s appointment and I wake her and remind her of our plans for the day.  Her response is, “I’m not ready,” and she rolls over and goes back to bed (at 8:30a).  I love this child and every single thing that makes her who she is.

To Blog Or Not To Blog

blog or nah

I wanted to blog about my life as a single mom of an amazing little person ever since I found out I was expecting.  I even started a blog shortly before she was born.  I posted here and there on it then blogging was ruined for me.  I saw someone very close to me tormented by the words she chose to share on her blog.  Twisted people decided to use her words out of context and vilify her for being an honest mother. It made me distrust having my words read in the public.  It made me scared to be the voice that I knew God was calling me to be.  My story of being a single mother is not the normal divorced, separated or even broken up.  My story is that of choice.  I was a single woman in my early 30s and realized that more than anything I wanted to be someone’s mommy.  I chose to ask a man I was involved in a casual intimate relationship (what an oxymoron) to be the father to my child.  I chose to have a child.  And she chose me to be her mommy.  Today I am choosing to blog.  Tomorrow?  Who knows?