Small Business Saturday

We should support small businesses every day but since today is the official Small Business Saturday and we are still having our Book Friday Sale I will ask that you support my business so I can continue supporting others ūüôā


small business saturday


Book Friday Sale

I hope everyone had a wonderful day.  Whether you celebrate the holiday or not I think it is important to take time out of your day everyday to say thank you to the universe for the life you get to live.

I had a wonderful day with family.  Mini me is knocked out after spending the day running around like only a two year old can.  Now I am counting down the minutes (19 left as I type this) for our Usborne Book Friday Sale to start.

If you like me avoid stores but love sales check out my site and get some amazing deals on some of our favorite titles.  The sale last until Monday night.

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Happy Thanksgiving


I love Thanksgiving. ¬†I abhor Columbus Day. ¬†I get that to some that might make me a hypocrite but the reality is that Thanksgiving has very little to do with Pilgrims and Native Americans. ¬†The story that children are taught in elementary school much like many others is pure fiction based on threads of truth that don’t really go together.

I love the thought of being grateful.  I love the idea of sharing and counting blessings.  I love the reality of being surrounded by loved ones and sharing their importance in my village.

When I lived in Brooklyn I regularly hosted #friendsgiving dinners before they became something to hashtag. ¬†I haven’t had the opportunity to host one in a while but that is not to say that my friends are no longer a priority.

I have so much to be thankful for every moment of every day.  I am blessed to live in abundance.  I am by no means wealthy in finances but in blessings call me Oprah, Diddy, Jay-Z and JLo wrapped up in one package.  My God is a good God.  He continues to provide and protect me and I pray that he continues to do so for me, my family and yours for many generations to come.

For those missing loved ones today, trust me I get it. ¬†The holidays don’t feel the same. ¬†Something is missing. ¬†Something isn’t quite right. ¬†When we lose someone there is no getting over it. ¬†There’s only learning to live with it. ¬†Do not allow the loss to make you lose yourself. ¬†Be thankful that you had time with people so amazing that their loss is felt. ¬†Be someone amazing in another person’s life.

Happy Thanks giving my people with lots of love from me and mini me ūüôā

New Storytime

We’ve had a full house this week. ¬†My niece and nephew go to charter schools so he had the whole week off and she had half days. ¬†My niece is 11 so she’s at the age that she wants to be left alone to talk on the phone with her friends. ¬†My nephew is 5 and still thinks being with us is cool.

He joined us this week for our Usborne Story Time video. ¬†This week we read, That’s Not My Pig. ¬†Have you read any of the books in the That’s Not My… series?



That’s Not My Pig via

Curly Sue (and proud of it…now)

I am a curly Sue (literally…my middle name is Sue). ¬†When I was younger I didn’t love my curls. ¬†Even today my go to style is to go to the salon and get my hair washed and blown straight.

Since having Mini me this has been a place of stress for me. ¬†I don’t want her to doubt the beauty of her curls. ¬†I want her to embrace how amazing her hair is. ¬†I want her to love the hair that God has blessed her with. ¬†I want her to the beauty in her bouncy coils.


I want to learn to teach her to care for and cultivate her curls but I need to learn how to do this for myself.  A friend knows I struggle with this daily and sent me a link that lead me to a Dove campaign around curly hair.  (Did you know that I love Dove campaigns???)  I do, I think they do amazing things for women and our self image.

Here’s the curly campaign. ¬†Let me know what you think

Breastfeeding Beyond Baby

Mini me will be three in January. ¬†She was a breastfed baby and now she’s a breastfed toddler. ¬†I’m not good at figuring out when toddler becomes preschooler or whatever the next set “stage” is called but whatever it is chances are Mini me will be a breastfed one of those too!

I didn’t really set a goal in our breastfeeding journey. ¬†I mean I wanted to make it to 1 year but I told myself however long I was able I would be happy. ¬†Did I think we would still be on this journey at 3? ¬†Nope. ¬†Would I change our journey? ¬†Nope.

Some days I cannot wait until Mini me is over having “babas” (her word for mama’s milk). ¬† Other days I get sad thinking that our journey might soon be ending. ¬†I do know however that she is captain of this ship. ¬†I will not make the decision for her. ¬†And I most definitely will not allow society to make the decision for her.

It’s funny how over time supporters become more hesitant. ¬†They start finding ways to inform moms that it might be getting time to wean. ¬†They start trying to guilt the children into thinking because they are growing it is inappropriate to want mama’s milk.

In a world with so much pain why do we question something that nurtures and comforts? ¬†I stumbled upon this piece via Facebook earlier and it reminded me that this isn’t something that I’m still doing. ¬†This is just something I do.


Some days Mini me will not nurse at all until she’s ready for bed. ¬†Other days she seems to be attached to the boob all day. ¬†She is also a very independent, intelligent, brave little girl. ¬†Being breastfed is only one part of her identity. ¬†And it is a part that I have something to do with. ¬†The rest is simply her.




Bowling for Babies

Okay, not really babies but for small children. ¬†Has any of my readers been brave enough to try this? ¬†I’m trying to plan something fun mini me’s birthday in January and am kind of over having birthday parties at home. ¬†It’s so much stress to get ready and of course I compare what I have to what Pinterest does and I never measure up.

This year I want to keep it simple. ¬†I just also don’t want to spend a fortune as we will just be returning from a Disney vacation. ¬†Mini me likes bowling with the plastic pins at home so I thought this might be an option.


Thoughts?  Please. LOL

New Story Time

Here is our latest YouTube story time.  Let me know what you think.  Mini me was adamant about being the director and starting and ending the filming this week!

Story Time with Mommy and Mini



A humorously illustrated picture book for beginner readers ‚Äď great fun to read aloud together. The ants are feeling a bit chilly ‚Äď can Mouse help with her knitting skills? With simple rhyming text and phonic repetition specially designed to develop essential language and early reading skills. Also includes guidance notes for parents at the back of the book. – via

May Peace Be Upon You

We are living in a very scary world.  No matter what your religious beliefs or non-beliefs are we must all admit that there are some people doing really bad things to others.  We must also remember that there are many people in the world doing good.  When we allow those that are walking in evil to scare us from living in the light we allow them victories.

When we allow those doing evil to make us squabble about who has the toughest plight we are allowing them victories.  Every loss of life is heartbreaking.  Losing 1 or 1 million lives at the hand of ignorance and hate is too many.  Each life should be cherished and celebrated.

Today I challenge you to not walk in fear or hate.  Today I challenge you to walk in love and light.  That is what will save us.  Let us all shine our lights a little bit brighter.  Let us show our children to walk in love and light and create a generation not of warriors but of lovers.  Lovers of life.  Lovers of peace.  Lovers of mankind.


80s Babies?

Before I had mini me I was a social butterfly. ¬†Brunch wasn’t a luxury it was a necessity. ¬†And bottomless brunches were the best. ¬†Since becoming a mom my social calendar has shifted. ¬†I am blessed with a village that understands that I don’t get much mommy alone time. ¬†I have lost a few friends but if they’re gone were they really friends?

Either way I say all that to say that I am super excited.  One of my Sisters-In-Christ and I have been trying to plan some time together for what seems like forever.  Finally after a few missed plans we had decided on a family friendly brunch for the end of the month.  That was until she found out that Little Clubheads was having an 80s party.

We will be taking our little ones ¬†out for that. ¬†If you haven’t been to a Little Clubheads party I definitely suggest giving it a chance. ¬†I took mini me for Valentine’s Day 2014 and she had a great time. ¬†They have children DJs, facepainting, hulahoops and clowns making balloon animals.

This one’s theme is 1980s. ¬†Help! What should mini me and I wear???

Oh, in case you want to go it’s on November 29th and Living Social is offering this deal. ¬†Don’t forget to check for a coupon code. ¬†I bought ours today using the code tgif and saved an additional 13%.