She Crate – Mommy and Me Play Dates

I’m really excited.  I just found out about She Crate.  They offer monthly subscription boxes for mommy and me do it yourself play dates.  I missed the November box but am looking forward to receiving the December box.  Any moms looking for ways to keep busy now that the weather is getting cooler (or supposed to be getting cooler since us northeast people are getting 70 degree temps in November) should check them out.

Here’s what the November Play Date looked like

novembersje crate

Check them out today to get in line online for the December box .  Use my referral link to sign up today


I’ll be possibly doing an unboxing when my December box arrives (if I can figure out how to do one!)  I’ll definitely be reviewing the box.  It is geared towards mommies with little girls ages 5 – 12 but if your little one is as precocious as mine I would think it safe to say that 2 is a good starting age.  And dads don’t think you can’t get in on the fun.  While geared towards moms I’m sure some daughters would love to do the activities with their dads.


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