80s Babies?

Before I had mini me I was a social butterfly.  Brunch wasn’t a luxury it was a necessity.  And bottomless brunches were the best.  Since becoming a mom my social calendar has shifted.  I am blessed with a village that understands that I don’t get much mommy alone time.  I have lost a few friends but if they’re gone were they really friends?

Either way I say all that to say that I am super excited.  One of my Sisters-In-Christ and I have been trying to plan some time together for what seems like forever.  Finally after a few missed plans we had decided on a family friendly brunch for the end of the month.  That was until she found out that Little Clubheads was having an 80s party.

We will be taking our little ones  out for that.  If you haven’t been to a Little Clubheads party I definitely suggest giving it a chance.  I took mini me for Valentine’s Day 2014 and she had a great time.  They have children DJs, facepainting, hulahoops and clowns making balloon animals.

This one’s theme is 1980s.  Help! What should mini me and I wear???

Oh, in case you want to go it’s on November 29th and Living Social is offering this deal.  Don’t forget to check for a coupon code.  I bought ours today using the code tgif and saved an additional 13%.


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