New Year. New Me? Yea Right



We all see it every year.  Some year’s we are even guilty of it.  New Year.  New Me. Nope, not I.  At least not this year.  The new me came almost 3 years ago.  The new me was born on January 23, 2013.  Actually, the new me took form the moment I peed on the stick and found out I was going to be a mommy.

The world just looked different.  It sounded different.  It smelled different.  There was new dangers everywhere.  It was a scary place.  It was also an amazingly beautiful place.  It was filled with clarity.  It was filled with opportunities.  It was filled with new meaning.

2015 is coming to a calendar end.  It has been interesting and thought provoking.   It has also been stagnant and disappointing.  It has been filled with joy.  It has been filled with laughter.  It will be missed.  Yet I cannot say that I am sad to see it go.

I expect to set a new standard of expectations for myself and those around me.  I expect to make and meet goals in the new year.  I expect to be lazy and blow off some goals.  Not because I don’t want to meet them but because sometimes I will be content simply where I am.

I will not wait for the strike of midnight and a new calendar to say I am working on being a new me.  I work on that daily and will continue working on an improved version of my current model until I no longer wake up to celebrate  a new day.

For those that make resolutions I wish you success.  For those that don’t, I ask that you don’t judge those that do.  May we all find what we are looking for in our journeys to be the best we can be for ourselves and our children.

I will be spending a few days with family so if you don’t hear from me on here have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Santa App


I just found this app today but it’s right on time. Download it NOW lol. It’s a free app. Of course there are a MILLION in-app purchases available. I have in-app purchases disabled on my phone but if you don’t be wary because some of these are what I consider to be expensive.

I was able to create a beautiful free video from Santa and once I show it to Minime I think she will love it. I know I do. By the way, Minime has already told me that Santa isn’t real. I bring that up just to say if my child that doesn’t think Santa is real will enjoy this then if your littles believe they will be beside themselves when getting their own video.

App Store

Google Play


Financial Literacy – Easy As 1,2,3

By now I’m sure you have heard of the 52 Week Savings Challenge.  You might be like me and have even participated in it.  If by some chance you have missed it here is what I’m referring to:


As you might know I am a firm believer in teaching children financial literacy as well.  I was sent this version of the 52 week challenge for children.  I think it is AWESOME.  I also think it’s a great lesson for remembering that EVERY penny counts.

kids money challenge



Move Over Beyonce!

This week I decided to add something different to my Youtube page. Instead of sharing story time I thought I would share my little super star. I figured I would share it with all of you too 🙂

Here’s Mini me’s first dance recital

I still can’t stop laughing and I must have watched in 1,234,353 times.

She definitely made me a proud mama.  I love how fearless this little girl is.  She is in tuned with who she is and what she wants.  I pray that never changes.

be the girl

In The Words of Elsa…LET IT GO



I recently read this advice on a mom blog that said don’t make little things into big things.  I really wish I could remember the site so I could credit the blogger.  It was great piece of advice that I felt like was written just for me.

Sometimes when I’m yelling (I mean gentle parenting on a maximum volume) I ask myself what am I really fighting for.  Is the behavior I’m attempting to correct harmful?  Will allowing Minime (or her cousins) to do the behavior going to mean that later in life they will not understand the difference between right and wrong?  Am I trying to “win” because I want to show I’m in charge or because I think there is a lesson to learn?

I’ve allowed Minime to lead when it comes to breastfeeding and potty training.  Why not let her lead in other areas.  Why allow myself to get stress and create stress because someone doesn’t want to eat lunch when I think they should?  Why should I get frustrated because Minime wants to wear the same sparkly pants (that have been washed nightly) for the 5th time this week?

My gift to all of you this season is the knowledge that it is okay to just let it go.  We don’t have to control every single thing.  Not in our children’s lives and not in ours.  Trust me I get how crazy that sounds.  I used to plan my life down to the minute.  Now I am learning to let it go.

When you’re feeling the stress rise (be it with the kids, work, family friends, or anywhere else) ask yourself is this worth it or should you just…LET IT GO?

Thumbs Up to Target Wonderland


I was really worried.  If I had done this review last night I would have come from a very Grinchy place.  I would have written of long lines and no pleasure.  I would have said that Target Wonderland looked just like it’s name a wonderland but sadly it’s staff was wonderless.

I attempted to do what most New Yorkers know better than to do.  I attempted to visit a holiday experience on the weekend.  Yes, I should have remembered from my Rockefeller Tree incident a few weeks ago to know better.  I tried taking Mini me to this amazing place yesterday afternoon and after spending one hour and twenty seven minutes in line got turned away because of closing time.  I was devastated and defeated.  I was angry that while warned I wouldn’t have much time inside I wasn’t warned I might not make it.

Mini me was sad and asked me if we could go back today.  I wanted to refuse but didn’t want to be the Grinch again.  I even tried to talk her into going somewhere else.  Happy she stood her ground because by the time we left there today she told me that it was the best day ever!  And that she LOVES Target Wonderland.

I know by now many of you already know that this is a WONDERFUL place to take your littles but if you didn’t go you still have one more day to experience it.  The popup shop closes on Tuesday, December 22nd.  Do be warned if you’re going there to do shopping items are sold out.

Photo (2)

Entering Wonderland. 

Photo (1)

Can you spot the Mommy and Mini Me Tsum Tsums?


Who doesn’t want their picture on a huge etch a sketch?

And you can’t miss Minime’s fun in the ball pit.  Check it out on my Instagram page.

Product Reviews

Do any of you do product reviews?  I’m a member of a few sites and find them to be really cool ways to try new things. I’m still very much a newbie though.  I see some of the other bloggers I follow get all types of amazing things to review.  I want to be just like them when I grow up lol.


Here are a few of the sites that I am on so if you wanted to check them out and possibly get started on earning your own free stuff.

  1. Smiley360
  2. BzzAgent
  3. Influenster 
  4. Sverve


Youtube StoryTime – Ten Gorillas

This week’s #Youtubestorytime is very very rough.  It’s one of our new books that I bought during our Book Friday sale.  It’s a great book for teaching counting by tens.  It even throws in a random number to make sure you are paying attention.

We recorded a little before nap time this week which meant we only got one take.  It’s rougher than usual but Mini me insisted that I post it and didn’t want to try again.

Just a reminder moms and dads, life doesn’t always have to be perfect to be just right.

Hope you enjoy our rendition (and my mispronouncing words) of Ten Gorillas.  Get your copy today on my Usborne Books site, Shop Bradshaw.


Keeping Up With YOURSELF!


I posted something similar to my Instagram last night (I couldn’t figure out how to link the image here…please don’t judge lol).  I just think especially during the time of the year where parents are all over the Pinterest projects and we get a small peek inside the homes and holidays of others it is very easy not to feel equal.

Maybe your gingerbread looked more like a gingerball or you didn’t do an advent calendar with your littles.  Maybe your tree looks like Charlie Brown’s Tree’s little brother.  Maybe you decided this year there won’t be a tree and there can’t be presents.

Or maybe you are the one the rest of us are envying.  Either way know that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.  YOU ARE AMAZING.

When we realize that life is not a competition we will all be much happier.  Let us begin using others to motivate us to be a better version of ourselves.  Let us stop attempting to make others feel bad for simply doing their best.