New Year. New Me? Yea Right



We all see it every year.  Some year’s we are even guilty of it.  New Year.  New Me. Nope, not I.  At least not this year.  The new me came almost 3 years ago.  The new me was born on January 23, 2013.  Actually, the new me took form the moment I peed on the stick and found out I was going to be a mommy.

The world just looked different.  It sounded different.  It smelled different.  There was new dangers everywhere.  It was a scary place.  It was also an amazingly beautiful place.  It was filled with clarity.  It was filled with opportunities.  It was filled with new meaning.

2015 is coming to a calendar end.  It has been interesting and thought provoking.   It has also been stagnant and disappointing.  It has been filled with joy.  It has been filled with laughter.  It will be missed.  Yet I cannot say that I am sad to see it go.

I expect to set a new standard of expectations for myself and those around me.  I expect to make and meet goals in the new year.  I expect to be lazy and blow off some goals.  Not because I don’t want to meet them but because sometimes I will be content simply where I am.

I will not wait for the strike of midnight and a new calendar to say I am working on being a new me.  I work on that daily and will continue working on an improved version of my current model until I no longer wake up to celebrate  a new day.

For those that make resolutions I wish you success.  For those that don’t, I ask that you don’t judge those that do.  May we all find what we are looking for in our journeys to be the best we can be for ourselves and our children.

I will be spending a few days with family so if you don’t hear from me on here have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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