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Sooo, if you’re like me your Christmas tree is still staring you in the face.  I really want to take it down but being Puerto Rican I grew up believing the holiday season isn’t over until January 6th (Three Kings Day).

Even still I can see the tree mocking me.  I feel like it’s been up so long it should start paying rent.  Yet, I’m hesitant to take it down because then I can’t keep telling Mini me and her cousins to put their things away under the tree.  Where oh where am I supposed to put this stuff???

I began organizing some of it today (no I’m not completely lazy…remember I was away for a few days…yup, that’s my excuse).  And when I say some of it I mean about two games and a few mini toys.  There’s just so much to do.

Tomorrow though I will get it done.  And who knows, maybe the tree will be down before the 6th!


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