Bullet Journaling 101

I’m all about a trend that causes me to buy notebooks and writing utensils.  One of the awesome accounts I follow on Instagram is doing a 30 day challenge and I figured why not jump in and give it a shot.  If you want to check out the challenge click HERE.

I can definitely say that I needed this in my life.  Just the idea of taking time to work on it was scary for me.  Since having Minime I have been horrible at keeping a planner.  I’ve also been horrible at taking even a moment to myself.

This is my way of slowly taking some moments back to myself while making sure I don’t miss anything with her.

Here’s a great breakdown on starting your own.  I found it through a simple Google search.

I’m really hoping to take a little bit from all of the great tips out there and find the ones that work best for me.  I’m also asking for you to help keep me accountable.

P.S. This would be an AMAZING activity for an older little.  Maybe even starting as young as 7 or so with some simpling down.



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