#MommyMondays – The Leaky Boob


The mom I am featuring today is the reason so many women continue on their breastfeeding journey.  She offers advice, wisdom and humor around what can be a beautiful but challenging experience.

I really enjoy her account on Instagram and think you will too.  It is informative, educational and humorous.  Also, she has a beautiful family.

You can check out the blog and Facebook page as well.

Here’s a bit of what she shares.


As always, if you have a mom you want featured in a future #mommymondays email me at justabxmom@gmail.com with her name, Instagram and why you think she should be featured 🙂


3 Years And Still Going

3 years

Minime isn’t ready to stop.  Most days I am.  Some days I think how strange it will be when she no longer looks for her “baba.”  I will have to learn new ways to soothe her fears and tantrums.  Some days I want to rush her to wean and some days I pray for another day of her needing me and my milk.

Whatever you believe about breastfeeding is your prerogative.  Just know that it will be Minime’s choice when she stops breastfeeding and I don’t need anyone else’s opinion.

Breastfeeding Here and There. Breastfeeding Everywhere

As I sit here typing my almost three year old is sitting on my lap having “babas.”  What do you call breast milk in your home?  I’ve been meditating on this post since I saw the clip from Wendy Williams’ interview with Alyssa Milano.

I considered sharing the video but having made an effort not to support anything to do with WW since I first learned of her trying to shame breastfeeding mothers I decided not to at this time.  I think the segment was very powerful.  I have always loved Alyssa Milano.  She was my first girl crush way back when she was Samantha Micelli.  I adore that she did not stand down from WW’s pressure.  If you haven’t seen here are some of my favorite Alyssa statements:

“But biologically, they’re not made for sexual things. That’s what we’ve done to them.” (In response to WW saying breasts are fun bags.)
“You’re lucky the baby’s not here. I’d whip ’em out right here and feed her on your show.”

I’ve had more positive experiences than negative experiences when it comes to public breastfeeding.  I am blessed.  I am also pretty oblivious, so I might have just missed the negative ones.  I will however feed my child anywhere we are.  Your permission and acceptance is not necessary.

breastfeeding rhyme

Author unknown but oh so cool!



Macy’s Santa Review

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere we go so we might as well see as many Santa’s as possible!  I still go back and forth on if Mini me will believe in Santa but that’s for another time and another post.

Mini me and I had to go into the City this week so we made a family day out of it.  Met up with some friends and traveled to the North Pole (also known as Macy’s Herald Square’s 8th floor).


I have been visiting this Santa for years.  I’m used to waiting in line and I expect it.  Right in midtown and world famous who doesn’t think they will be in line when visiting Santaland?

Surprise!  We didn’t have to wait!!! Of course there were people ahead of us but there was no line reaching around the depths of freight elevators and the seemingly neverending zigzags that have normally been part of my expedition to the North Pole.  We simply walked up and entered Santaland!

As always it was a beautiful fantasy brought to life.  I don’t care if it’s your first or 40th trip to Santaland you will not help but to smile when you see the place covered in fake snow and singing snowmen.

Yes, that’s Mini me trying to get a peek at the snowman’s songbook.  Thanks Auntie E for the save with going in the snow when it fell down.  And big thanks to the Elf that didn’t make a bog deal about it.  We worried we might make the naughty list behind that one.


As a parent surrounded by not only the children you are with but the many other children visiting the north pole this was a great sign to see less than 10 minutes into the visit.


And the Santa and elves we visited were wonderful.  They let us take different poses and combinations.  We didn’t feel rushed and they even supported breastfeeding when Baby E needed a moment.  Who could ask for more?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I definitely suggest paying this Santa a visit.  If you can go during school hours on a weekday that would probably be best.  The closer it gets to the holiday though it might not make a difference.  The first time I took Mini me it was a weekday and early and we still had about an hour wait.  Bring snacks and something to distract your little people in case you have to wait.

And take tons of photos (even though most might have a red/orange tint based on the lighting).  Please practice patience for those in line in front and behind you.  Some children will want to spend more time looking at one exhibit than another.  There is many things to experience before you get to the man of the hour so allow yourself and littles to do just that, experience the magic of the moment.



Breastfeeding Beyond Baby

Mini me will be three in January.  She was a breastfed baby and now she’s a breastfed toddler.  I’m not good at figuring out when toddler becomes preschooler or whatever the next set “stage” is called but whatever it is chances are Mini me will be a breastfed one of those too!

I didn’t really set a goal in our breastfeeding journey.  I mean I wanted to make it to 1 year but I told myself however long I was able I would be happy.  Did I think we would still be on this journey at 3?  Nope.  Would I change our journey?  Nope.

Some days I cannot wait until Mini me is over having “babas” (her word for mama’s milk).   Other days I get sad thinking that our journey might soon be ending.  I do know however that she is captain of this ship.  I will not make the decision for her.  And I most definitely will not allow society to make the decision for her.

It’s funny how over time supporters become more hesitant.  They start finding ways to inform moms that it might be getting time to wean.  They start trying to guilt the children into thinking because they are growing it is inappropriate to want mama’s milk.

In a world with so much pain why do we question something that nurtures and comforts?  I stumbled upon this piece via Facebook earlier and it reminded me that this isn’t something that I’m still doing.  This is just something I do.


Some days Mini me will not nurse at all until she’s ready for bed.  Other days she seems to be attached to the boob all day.  She is also a very independent, intelligent, brave little girl.  Being breastfed is only one part of her identity.  And it is a part that I have something to do with.  The rest is simply her.