Blue Whale Blues – Story Time

It makes me happy that Minime enjoys reading so much.  I only hope that when we share our stories on Youtube it helps introduce new stories to other littles that love to read.

blue whale blues

Here’s this week’s story time.  As always it can be found on my Usborne site.



That’s Not My Mermaid – New Story Time

Here’s this week’s story time episode.  I was really happy to get this as one of Mini me’s free books.  Being an Usborne consultant definitely has it’s perks.  Visit my site to get your own copy.

Santa App


I just found this app today but it’s right on time. Download it NOW lol. It’s a free app. Of course there are a MILLION in-app purchases available. I have in-app purchases disabled on my phone but if you don’t be wary because some of these are what I consider to be expensive.

I was able to create a beautiful free video from Santa and once I show it to Minime I think she will love it. I know I do. By the way, Minime has already told me that Santa isn’t real. I bring that up just to say if my child that doesn’t think Santa is real will enjoy this then if your littles believe they will be beside themselves when getting their own video.

App Store

Google Play


Monkey Day!!!

monkey friends

“Monkey is going for a walk. Along the way he meets a friend. Can you guess who it is, and who he’ll meet next? There might be some clues in the pictures!  Rich, detailed illustrations and a rollicking, rhyming text combine in this animal-themed picture-book guessing game.

Readers of all ages will enjoy this brand-new split-page adventure from the acclaimed Ruth Brown, packed full of animal friends to discover!”

Who doesn’t love monkeys???

Book Friday Sale

I hope everyone had a wonderful day.  Whether you celebrate the holiday or not I think it is important to take time out of your day everyday to say thank you to the universe for the life you get to live.

I had a wonderful day with family.  Mini me is knocked out after spending the day running around like only a two year old can.  Now I am counting down the minutes (19 left as I type this) for our Usborne Book Friday Sale to start.

If you like me avoid stores but love sales check out my site and get some amazing deals on some of our favorite titles.  The sale last until Monday night.

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80s Babies?

Before I had mini me I was a social butterfly.  Brunch wasn’t a luxury it was a necessity.  And bottomless brunches were the best.  Since becoming a mom my social calendar has shifted.  I am blessed with a village that understands that I don’t get much mommy alone time.  I have lost a few friends but if they’re gone were they really friends?

Either way I say all that to say that I am super excited.  One of my Sisters-In-Christ and I have been trying to plan some time together for what seems like forever.  Finally after a few missed plans we had decided on a family friendly brunch for the end of the month.  That was until she found out that Little Clubheads was having an 80s party.

We will be taking our little ones  out for that.  If you haven’t been to a Little Clubheads party I definitely suggest giving it a chance.  I took mini me for Valentine’s Day 2014 and she had a great time.  They have children DJs, facepainting, hulahoops and clowns making balloon animals.

This one’s theme is 1980s.  Help! What should mini me and I wear???

Oh, in case you want to go it’s on November 29th and Living Social is offering this deal.  Don’t forget to check for a coupon code.  I bought ours today using the code tgif and saved an additional 13%.