New Story Time – Billie B Brown – The Little Lie

Lately Minime has been more interested in her chapter books than others.  It means our private story times last that much longer as she wants me to read the whole book and isn’t into the idea of waiting until tomorrow to see what comes next (even when she has heard the story 986,596 times before).

I usually can talk her into doing a short story for our Youtube storytime but not today.  Today she insisted on Billie B. Brown.  I completely get it.  Billie is a really cool, adventurous and brave girl.  She gets herself into some predicaments but always finds a way out.

I knew reading the book would take too long and lose some of our younger readers attention so I decided to break it up into one chapter per storytime episode.  What do you think?

Anyway, as always the book is available for sale on my Usborne Books and More Website.


Blue Whale Blues – Story Time

It makes me happy that Minime enjoys reading so much.  I only hope that when we share our stories on Youtube it helps introduce new stories to other littles that love to read.

blue whale blues

Here’s this week’s story time.  As always it can be found on my Usborne site.


St. Ives Voxbox

Some of you know that I’m a member of Influenster.  Over the time I have received some really cool products for review.  When I got back from Long Island last week I have a St. Ives #voxbox waiting.

This might be my favorite box so far.  Each of the products smell amazing.  And as you can see in the photo below these aren’t trial sized.  They are going to be lasting me for a while.  Minime has also taken to the lotion and body wash.  I used to have to fight to get her to wear lotion now I have to hide it from her!

IMG_5012 (1)

Can’t wait until our next voxbox!




Santa App


I just found this app today but it’s right on time. Download it NOW lol. It’s a free app. Of course there are a MILLION in-app purchases available. I have in-app purchases disabled on my phone but if you don’t be wary because some of these are what I consider to be expensive.

I was able to create a beautiful free video from Santa and once I show it to Minime I think she will love it. I know I do. By the way, Minime has already told me that Santa isn’t real. I bring that up just to say if my child that doesn’t think Santa is real will enjoy this then if your littles believe they will be beside themselves when getting their own video.

App Store

Google Play


Youtube StoryTime – Ten Gorillas

This week’s #Youtubestorytime is very very rough.  It’s one of our new books that I bought during our Book Friday sale.  It’s a great book for teaching counting by tens.  It even throws in a random number to make sure you are paying attention.

We recorded a little before nap time this week which meant we only got one take.  It’s rougher than usual but Mini me insisted that I post it and didn’t want to try again.

Just a reminder moms and dads, life doesn’t always have to be perfect to be just right.

Hope you enjoy our rendition (and my mispronouncing words) of Ten Gorillas.  Get your copy today on my Usborne Books site, Shop Bradshaw.


Monkey Day!!!

monkey friends

“Monkey is going for a walk. Along the way he meets a friend. Can you guess who it is, and who he’ll meet next? There might be some clues in the pictures!  Rich, detailed illustrations and a rollicking, rhyming text combine in this animal-themed picture-book guessing game.

Readers of all ages will enjoy this brand-new split-page adventure from the acclaimed Ruth Brown, packed full of animal friends to discover!”

Who doesn’t love monkeys???

Book Friday Sale

I hope everyone had a wonderful day.  Whether you celebrate the holiday or not I think it is important to take time out of your day everyday to say thank you to the universe for the life you get to live.

I had a wonderful day with family.  Mini me is knocked out after spending the day running around like only a two year old can.  Now I am counting down the minutes (19 left as I type this) for our Usborne Book Friday Sale to start.

If you like me avoid stores but love sales check out my site and get some amazing deals on some of our favorite titles.  The sale last until Monday night.

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Ridge Hill Santa Review

I am all about holidays.  I love reasons to spend time with family and take photos.  Hence why I have over 4k photos on my phone.  I don’t love lines.  I do my best to avoid them and am willing to pay extra to skip them.  That being said, when it comes to Santa I expect a wait.  What I don’t expect is a three hour wait and a rushed visit when I prepay and have a reservation.


Today I took mini me and two of her cousins to see Santa at Ridge Hill Mall.  I took mini me last year and gave them a lot of leeway because I was told it was the first year.  I figured it takes time to work out kinks.  I didn’t complain about waiting an hour when I had a reservation.  I didn’t complain about having to visit with Santa twice because they didn’t realize that the video camera wasn’t working and the video that I had prepaid for wasn’t saved.  I chalked it all up to growing pains.

This year I figured we would give them a chance to show how much they have grown.  I also figured since the wait is outdoors it best to get it done early.  A lot of other parents figured the same.  When we got there 10 minutes early for our reservation the line was practically reaching the street. After waiting over an hour we barely reached the stanchions (ropes) set up.  About ten minutes later one of the managers comes out and apologizes individually to everyone in line.  She offers a free photo sheet for our inconvenience.  She tells us that there had been some type of leak that caused some damage but they were able to get everything working again and it shouldn’t be much longer.

About a half hour later me and my family are the next to go into the house.  While waiting inside we are told mini me will have to sit on my lap because they want to start moving the line and squeeze another family in.  Mini me was not feeling it and neither was I.  I get that people were tired and frustrated for being outside in the cold.  But guess what so was my family.  I paid for the photo package and the experience since I wasn’t given the option to just do the experience.  Mini me was adamant about not sitting on anyone’s lap.  Fortunately the family they squeezed in was all adults and an infant so we made it work and mini me was able to site by herself.

The children enjoyed the rocket game to get their pilot licenses.  It was pretty much a temple run game in the snow.  For some reason my nephew’s pilot license was not included on my USB and I didn’t realize it until I got home.

13554120151111_S001 13554120151111_S002

Next we took the 3D sleigh ride.  It was my favorite part.  This is where mini me was supposed to sit on my lap.

After we are led to a santa’s elves’ workshop.  They can design gingerbread men here.  Somehow my niece’s gingerbread didn’t make it onto the USB.  The room was like a sauna.  It had to feel at least 85 degrees in this space.  And there were at one point five families in it waiting to see Santa.

13554120151111_S003 13554120151111_S004 13554120151111_S005

Of course with two families ahead of us the computer that saves the pictures stops working.  We must have waited at least another 40 minutes in that room as the elf that was stationed there almost had a breakdown because she was overwhelmed by having so many people waiting and nothing to do with us.

When we finally got in to see Santa the visit lasted maybe 5 minutes.  They did not include Santa asking my children what they wanted in the video.  Again something I didn’t know until I got home.

When we get taken to the retail shop (your final stop on the trip) they tried to tell me I hadn’t paid for the top package and wasn’t going to receive everything.  After I kindly informed the elf to check again he apologized.  Then he told me that they couldn’t give me the 8×10 that was included in my package because they didn’t have that size.  He also almost forgot to give me my stuffed gingerbread and dvd that’s included in the package.

Suffice to say we will not be trying Ridge Hill for a third year.  It’s a shame because mini me enjoyed the sleigh ride and some of the experience but I can’t even begin to imagine what the wait will be next time.  We will stick with Macy’s.

I think it is a shame that at no time when they realized that they were two hours plus behind schedule no one gave us the option to reschedule or receive a refund.  Also, there was so much talk about needing a reservation yet one of the families ahead of me told me while waiting in line that they hadn’t made an advance reservation.  I feel swindled and frustrated by the experience.

I was really proud of mini me for holding it together but suffice to say heading home she had a huge meltdown, gave us trouble getting her in the car seat and cried the whole drive home.  Had she not had to wait so long we would not have run into nap time crankiness which further added to everyone’s frustrations of the day.

My Little Mermaid

mini me is obsessed with mermaids.  She loves everything about the ocean except for the idea of putting her head underwater.  It is the only thing that will make her tell you she is going to grow up and be a cowboy instead of a mermaid.  And yes, she says cowboy not cowgirl.Even with her distaste for going under she adores all things sea.  Ariel is one of her best friends and regularly accompanies us out in public.

Mini me also abhors sleeping with covers.  That to me is pure insanity as I want to be under a comforter mid-August heatwave.  Either way today I stumbled upon the cutest thing ever.  It is called a blankie tail.  It’s a blanket that transforms your child into a mermaid (or into a child being eaten by a shark) whichever your child would prefer.

I’m contemplating if it should be a Christmas gift or a birthday gift but with my child it might become a random Wednesday gift as she already saw it on my computer screen and informed me that she wants it.  I haven’t ordered it yet.  Have you heard or seen these before?