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I’m actually heading over there now to put up the latest MommyMonday post now.

Father Fridays – Jamal G

I missed last week’s #FatherFriday so I wanted to make sure to give you a really good one this week.  Today’s fantastic father isn’t one that has a blog or a witty account or anything like that.  He’s just a dad I know that I think deserves a shout out.

I met Jamal G more years ago than I would like to admit.  We spent time in the same circles but never really got to know each other.  It wasn’t until we became friends on social media that I got a peek into his real life (hear I go sounding like a stalker lol).  Over the years the one thing that has remained constant is that the love this man has for his daughter shines through the screen.  He’s not a parttime or holiday dad.  He is the real deal.  He is cheering her through ups and downs.

Not too long ago he wasn’t able to spend as much time with her.  Not once did he give up.  Not once did he stop trying to give her his all.  Not once did he use an excuse to not be the dad she has always known.

This man literally moved to be closer and ensure that he was always part of his daughter’s world.  I love seeing him post pictures of her, of them (here I go sounding stalkerish again lol).  It’s true though.  I look forward to seeing where their next adventure takes them even if it’s just to the livingroom to put together Legos.

Every child should know what unconditional love feels like.  I have no doubt that Jamal’s little girl will ever forget it.

It was really hard to find photos without both of them on his page so I won’t include photos since his account is private.  If you want to get to know this dad (ladies he’s single) check out his Instagram and Facebook.

3 Years And Still Going

3 years

Minime isn’t ready to stop.  Most days I am.  Some days I think how strange it will be when she no longer looks for her “baba.”  I will have to learn new ways to soothe her fears and tantrums.  Some days I want to rush her to wean and some days I pray for another day of her needing me and my milk.

Whatever you believe about breastfeeding is your prerogative.  Just know that it will be Minime’s choice when she stops breastfeeding and I don’t need anyone else’s opinion.

A place for everything

Sooo, if you’re like me your Christmas tree is still staring you in the face.  I really want to take it down but being Puerto Rican I grew up believing the holiday season isn’t over until January 6th (Three Kings Day).

Even still I can see the tree mocking me.  I feel like it’s been up so long it should start paying rent.  Yet, I’m hesitant to take it down because then I can’t keep telling Mini me and her cousins to put their things away under the tree.  Where oh where am I supposed to put this stuff???

I began organizing some of it today (no I’m not completely lazy…remember I was away for a few days…yup, that’s my excuse).  And when I say some of it I mean about two games and a few mini toys.  There’s just so much to do.

Tomorrow though I will get it done.  And who knows, maybe the tree will be down before the 6th!

Product Reviews

Do any of you do product reviews?  I’m a member of a few sites and find them to be really cool ways to try new things. I’m still very much a newbie though.  I see some of the other bloggers I follow get all types of amazing things to review.  I want to be just like them when I grow up lol.


Here are a few of the sites that I am on so if you wanted to check them out and possibly get started on earning your own free stuff.

  1. Smiley360
  2. BzzAgent
  3. Influenster 
  4. Sverve


Happy Thanksgiving


I love Thanksgiving.  I abhor Columbus Day.  I get that to some that might make me a hypocrite but the reality is that Thanksgiving has very little to do with Pilgrims and Native Americans.  The story that children are taught in elementary school much like many others is pure fiction based on threads of truth that don’t really go together.

I love the thought of being grateful.  I love the idea of sharing and counting blessings.  I love the reality of being surrounded by loved ones and sharing their importance in my village.

When I lived in Brooklyn I regularly hosted #friendsgiving dinners before they became something to hashtag.  I haven’t had the opportunity to host one in a while but that is not to say that my friends are no longer a priority.

I have so much to be thankful for every moment of every day.  I am blessed to live in abundance.  I am by no means wealthy in finances but in blessings call me Oprah, Diddy, Jay-Z and JLo wrapped up in one package.  My God is a good God.  He continues to provide and protect me and I pray that he continues to do so for me, my family and yours for many generations to come.

For those missing loved ones today, trust me I get it.  The holidays don’t feel the same.  Something is missing.  Something isn’t quite right.  When we lose someone there is no getting over it.  There’s only learning to live with it.  Do not allow the loss to make you lose yourself.  Be thankful that you had time with people so amazing that their loss is felt.  Be someone amazing in another person’s life.

Happy Thanks giving my people with lots of love from me and mini me 🙂

New Storytime

We’ve had a full house this week.  My niece and nephew go to charter schools so he had the whole week off and she had half days.  My niece is 11 so she’s at the age that she wants to be left alone to talk on the phone with her friends.  My nephew is 5 and still thinks being with us is cool.

He joined us this week for our Usborne Story Time video.  This week we read, That’s Not My Pig.  Have you read any of the books in the That’s Not My… series?



That’s Not My Pig via

Curly Sue (and proud of it…now)

I am a curly Sue (literally…my middle name is Sue).  When I was younger I didn’t love my curls.  Even today my go to style is to go to the salon and get my hair washed and blown straight.

Since having Mini me this has been a place of stress for me.  I don’t want her to doubt the beauty of her curls.  I want her to embrace how amazing her hair is.  I want her to love the hair that God has blessed her with.  I want her to the beauty in her bouncy coils.


I want to learn to teach her to care for and cultivate her curls but I need to learn how to do this for myself.  A friend knows I struggle with this daily and sent me a link that lead me to a Dove campaign around curly hair.  (Did you know that I love Dove campaigns???)  I do, I think they do amazing things for women and our self image.

Here’s the curly campaign.  Let me know what you think

To Blog Or Not To Blog

blog or nah

I wanted to blog about my life as a single mom of an amazing little person ever since I found out I was expecting.  I even started a blog shortly before she was born.  I posted here and there on it then blogging was ruined for me.  I saw someone very close to me tormented by the words she chose to share on her blog.  Twisted people decided to use her words out of context and vilify her for being an honest mother. It made me distrust having my words read in the public.  It made me scared to be the voice that I knew God was calling me to be.  My story of being a single mother is not the normal divorced, separated or even broken up.  My story is that of choice.  I was a single woman in my early 30s and realized that more than anything I wanted to be someone’s mommy.  I chose to ask a man I was involved in a casual intimate relationship (what an oxymoron) to be the father to my child.  I chose to have a child.  And she chose me to be her mommy.  Today I am choosing to blog.  Tomorrow?  Who knows?