New Story Time – Billie B Brown – The Little Lie

Lately Minime has been more interested in her chapter books than others.  It means our private story times last that much longer as she wants me to read the whole book and isn’t into the idea of waiting until tomorrow to see what comes next (even when she has heard the story 986,596 times before).

I usually can talk her into doing a short story for our Youtube storytime but not today.  Today she insisted on Billie B. Brown.  I completely get it.  Billie is a really cool, adventurous and brave girl.  She gets herself into some predicaments but always finds a way out.

I knew reading the book would take too long and lose some of our younger readers attention so I decided to break it up into one chapter per storytime episode.  What do you think?

Anyway, as always the book is available for sale on my Usborne Books and More Website.


Storytime Tuesday – That’s Not My Snowman

In honor of our recent blizzard Minime and I decided this is the week to share That’s Not My Snowman.


This book is now out of print but if you are interested I have a few copies left in my personal inventory.  And you can always check out other books in the series.


What’s been your favorite story time so far?

January Usborne Updates

Melissa’s Musings…

Happy New Year!  I hope your holiday was as fun as mine.  I am very excited about what this year brings and even more excited to have an extra day.  It’s a LEAP YEAR.  How fun is that?

I’m not big on resolutions but I believe in setting goals.  My book goals this year are as follows:
1. Grow my Usborne Books and More team.
2. Get more customers interested in the Book Box Club.
3. Launch a series of Ladies/Guys Nights In.

What are your goals for the year?

There is nothing better than believing in what you sell.  Oh wait, there is….making money and getting free products that you love while believing in what you sell!  If you’ve been looking for something to invest in then I challenge you to invest in yourself!  Join my team today 🙂  
There is still time to sign up for our January Book Box.  To sign up send me an email to with the type of box you are interested in, your child’s name, age and interests.

Youtube StoryTime – Ten Gorillas

This week’s #Youtubestorytime is very very rough.  It’s one of our new books that I bought during our Book Friday sale.  It’s a great book for teaching counting by tens.  It even throws in a random number to make sure you are paying attention.

We recorded a little before nap time this week which meant we only got one take.  It’s rougher than usual but Mini me insisted that I post it and didn’t want to try again.

Just a reminder moms and dads, life doesn’t always have to be perfect to be just right.

Hope you enjoy our rendition (and my mispronouncing words) of Ten Gorillas.  Get your copy today on my Usborne Books site, Shop Bradshaw.


Monkey Day!!!

monkey friends

“Monkey is going for a walk. Along the way he meets a friend. Can you guess who it is, and who he’ll meet next? There might be some clues in the pictures!  Rich, detailed illustrations and a rollicking, rhyming text combine in this animal-themed picture-book guessing game.

Readers of all ages will enjoy this brand-new split-page adventure from the acclaimed Ruth Brown, packed full of animal friends to discover!”

Who doesn’t love monkeys???